EU Project
Internationalisation of graduate study programmes at the Faculty of Science, University of Split

Internationalisation of graduate study programmes at the Faculty of Science, University of Split


Project coordinator (host institution)

University of Split, Faculty of Science

Project partners

• University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
• Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences
• Oracle Croatia d.o.o.

Short description of the project

The project focusses on the development and establishment of four graduate studies in English:

Astrophysics and Elementary Particle Physics
Environmental Physics
Molecular Biology
Data Science and Engineering
The project coordinator, together with the Partners, aims to increase the quality and competitiveness in the education segment and strengthen the internal capacity for the implementation of the study programmes in foreign languages.


Project objectives

Improving the quality and relevance of higher education by increasing the number of study programmes in foreign languages by strengthening the competences of the students and the staff of the faculty.


Expected project outcomes

Deliver the study programmes of Astrophysics and Elementary Particle Physics, and Environmental Physics
Develop the study programmes of Molecular Biology, and Data Science and Engineering and submit them for the initial accreditation process
Purchase teaching equipment and literature
Improve language and professional competencies of teachers by workshops and seminars
Promotional activities

Project information

Total project funds: 1,780,928.91 HRK
EU grants: 1,780,928.91 HRK, 100% co-funding
Fund: European Social Fund, Programming period 2014 -2020
Call: Internationalisation of Higher Education UP.
Duration: from October 12 2018 to October 11 2021
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Prof. Dr. Viljemka Bučević Popović, Vice Dean for Science, tel.: +385 21 619-254

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